A ‘Working with children check’ for Pakistan’s education sector

A ‘Working with children check’ for Pakistan’s education sector

There is a distinct lack of a ‘working with children check’ in Pakistan. Anyone can opt to work with children, without going through any checks. Sure, you can always check someone’s background with the police or a private agency, but that’s discretionary and expensive. Most of all, there is a lack of awareness as to whether such a check is possible and how it might be useful.

While the government might already be carrying out checks for government school teachers, there are thousands of private tutors, private school teachers, drivers and other staff who work with children on a daily basis. Have they ever been background checked?

It might sound like adding red-tape to our already heavily taped system, but I sincerely believe this is one of the first initiatives towards reform that we must take.

Dropout rate from Pakistani government schools is so high, that we must try and find out the cause of these dropouts, and eliminate all possible reasons kids might not want to go to school.

In particular, an online directory of child offenders should be built, accessible by the public. This in itself would act as a deterrent for these offenders, and give people an easy way to check if their driver or tutor is a safe person to let them near their kids.

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